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Courses & Workshops

Creativity - The key to your well-being

Fostering one's creativity is, according to much of the research in the field, one of the main things you can do to feel better on all levels; everything from your health, to being able to see both personal and everyday problems in a new light. Creativity connects the hemispheres of our brains so that they work better together, and above all, creativity fosters our intuition – the knowledge that will become more and more necessary to learn as AI spreads. Intuition will probably be the one thing that AI can never learn and thus a trait we as humans must develop. Promoting your creativity and thus your intuition can be done in many ways, but is there anything more uplifting than working with your hands?


In my Studio I hold both evening courses, weekend courses and weekly courses in both Silversmithing, Ceramics and Soft crafts. As a teacher, I place great emphasis on giving you the opportunity to see and develop your intuition as well through your creation process - after all, it is from your intuition that all creativity comes!


I also have workshops and try out courses in both silversmithing and silk scarf marbling. if you just want to do something for a couple of hours - just you, you and a few friends or as an event for you and your colleagues, get in touch.


So, give yourself what you deserve - own time and/or quality time with like-minded people.


Below you will find all my different courses and workshops, as well as booking options.

You are more than welcome.

Evening courses

(arranged in collaboration with Studieförbundet Vuksenskolan)


Silversmithing - both beginners and experienced

5 times – 15 hours, Tuesdays 18-21

SEK 1,647 – Silver is added

3 occasions per semester

Spring 2023

Round 1: 23 jan – 20 feb

Round 2: 27 feb – 26 mars

Round 3: 2 april – 30 april

Ceramics - build by hand

5 times – 15 hours, Wednesdays or Thursdays 18-21

SEK 1,947 - clay & glaze included, firing is added

3 occasions per semester and day

Spring 2023

Round 1 Wed: Jan 24 – Feb 28, Thu: Jan 25 – Feb 29 

Round 2 WedFeb 21 – April 3, Thu: Feb 22 – April 4 

Round 3 WedMar 27 – May 7, Thu: Mar 28 – May 8 

Weekend courses

Silversmithing - both beginners and experienced

Learn my special techniques and/or work with what you desire.

Fri to Sun – 17 hours of teaching, free access to the workshop throughout the course.

SEK 2,897 - silver is added

3 occasions per semester

Spring 2023

Weekend 1: Feb 23 – 25

Weekend 2: March 23 – 25

Weekend 3: April 23 – 25

Wet felting

Felt a bag or hat and mittens in your own design. Create your personal pattern.

Sat to Sun – 10 hours of teacher training,

free access to the workshop throughout the course.

SEK 2,247 - all materials included

3 occasions per semester starting Autumn 2024

Sommarkurs i Silversmide

För både nybörjare och vana.

Learn my special techniques and/or work with what you desire.

Sommaren 2024               

v. 31 – 29 juli – 2 augusti

Mån till Fre – kl. 9.00 – 16.00 samt fri tillgång till verkstaden hela kursen.

4.347 kr – silver tillkommer


Arranged on request



Try out workshop - 3 hours

SEK 450, max 10 people, all materials included

Silk scarf marbling

Workshop – 3 hours

SEK 450, max. 8 people, all materials included

Expression of interest workshops

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