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Atelier & Studio

Studio Pia J. Stengard

Söderköping is a charming small-town idyll with the Göta canal running through the city, surrounded by a vibrant countryside, nature experiences beyond the ordinary and the beautiful Sankt Anna archipelago. The city is also the filming location for the popular Madicken films, Göta kanal films and the German hit series Inga Lindström.


Söderköping has a long and interesting history. The city became one of the country's most important port cities during the Middle Ages. That the city was important can be seen in all the meetings and events that took place here, including coronations, meetings of lords, bishops' meetings and national assemblies.


Today's Söderköping is best known for its picturesque medieval city center with cozy alleys, Göta canal with locks and lively harbor area, ice cream and Sankt Anna archipelago - one of the country's most beautiful.


Welcome to my Atelier and Studio at Skönbergagatan 8 – a place full of possibilities!

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